The Jolly Josh Centre is home to an official ‘Changing Places’ accessible toilet facility!

We are committed to creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all individuals. Our state-of-the-art facility goes beyond the standard accessible restroom, offering a spacious and fully equipped space that caters to the unique needs of people with disabilities and their caregivers.

Inside, you will find essential amenities such as an adjustable adult-sized changing table, a ceiling hoist system, shower, height adjustable sink and ample space for wheelchair users to manoeuvre comfortably. We have taken every detail into consideration to ensure that visiting our facility is a hassle-free and dignified experience for all. Whether you are a parent with a child in need of assistance or an individual with limited mobility visiting the area and in need of toilet and changing facilities, our Changing Places restroom is designed to provide the comfort, safety, and convenience you deserve.